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How Motivated Are You?

Let’s face it; there are some days when you are just not that motivated.  We’ve all seen the commercial on television where the guy is out with friends and asks a raspy-voiced woman to call his place of employment to say he will be out sick for the day.  While the commercial is all in good fun, for some people, calling in “sick” can be a sigh of relief when they lack motivation or passion in their role.

Motivation is a skill that can be taught, learned, developed, and nurtured.

So what motivates people to excel in their job and truly enjoy what they do?

Dr. Drea Zigarmi and Susan Fowler with The Ken Blanchard Companies have been researching what exactly motivation and passion mean to individuals and how they can leverage both to improve their state of mind at their workplace.

Employee passion is the positive emotional state of mind resulting from our own perceptions of worthwhile work, autonomy, collaboration, growth, fairness, recognition, connectedness to our colleagues, and connectedness to our leader, all of which lead to standards of behavior that include effort, long-term commitment to the agency, peak performance, low turnover, and increased tenure with the agency.  Motivation increases the probability of employee passion that results in three intentions highly valued by any agency:

  • The intent to stay, support, and use good judgment on behalf of the agency
  • The plan to perform at or above expectations
  • The willingness to demonstrate organizational citizenship behavior

Want to learn more?  Drea and Susan will be discussing the results of their cutting-edge research and the implications on how we work and lead within the workplace on June 1st in Washington, DC.  They will also be sharing key skills needed to engage employees and sustain optimal motivation and employee passion.

Registration is currently open for this briefing.

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My Agency is the BEST!

The Best Places to Work results were posted today and topping the charts is the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  Following the NRC, in the 2nd and 3rd best place to work in the federal government, is the Government Accountability Office and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

Employee satisfaction increased in 68% of federal organizations.

The survey, conducted by the Partnership for Public Service and American University’s Institute for the Study of Public Policy Implementation (ISPPI), was sent to over 263,000 civil servants to determine employee satisfaction and commitment across 290 federal agencies.   The agencies are scored in a number of categories including training and development, effective leadership, teamwork, and strategic management.

An analysis of the results showed that, for the fifth time in a row, leadership was the main reason why many of the agencies’ overall scores greatly improved.  The results from the leadership category reflect how much importance employees place on having effective leadership throughout the agency. 

How can agencies improve an individual’s commitment and performance within an organization?  A whitepaper on employee passion published by The Ken Blanchard Companies includes eight factors that reflect on what employees need to create a positive emotional state of mind.

So how is your agency improving passion in the workplace?

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