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5 Benefits of Using Social Media in the Federal Government

With the release of the new movie, “Social Network”, there is a lot of talk about social media in the news.  Social media is rapidly growing in the U.S. Government but who is taking advantage of these online tools?  A study performed by Market Connections showed that the government is using social media more and more lately but user frequency is still lagging compared to the public sector.  The study confirmed that almost 40 percent of federal employees were not using social media and 5 percent do not know what the term means.

Social media allows people to learn, create, and share content virtually.

One reason federal employees are hesitant to jump on the social media bandwagon is their concern about security.  Agencies are finding ways to address these concerns by developing applications such as milBook, Intellpedia, and FedSpace.  These applications will operate behind federal firewalls eliminating the concern of sensitive information from being compromised and allowing federal employees to feel secure about sharing information online.

The use of social media within the Federal Government will enhance virtual communication among other agencies, contractors, and the public.   Leadership expert and speaker Ken Blanchard believes that frequent and orchestrated communication via many different kinds of media is key to any successful initiative.

Five benefits of using social media include:

  1. Enables internal collaboration
  2. Allows for information sharing with external partners or contractors
  3. Exchanges information with the public
  4. Keeps pace with fast moving events
  5. Harnesses the ideas of the public to support your mission

How frequently are you and your agency using social media to improve your communication reach?

To learn more about the benefits and challenges of virtual communication, click here to read the whitepaper, Achieving Excellence Virtually.

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The GSA announced earlier this year that it had reached agreements with popular web companies such as Flicker, Twitter, and YouTube. How is your agency using social media to accomplish your goals and objectives?

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