Create Yourself: 2 Choices to Functionality in the Workplace

I’m following a series of blog posts by Pat Fiorenza on GovLoop that focus on how to break down silos in government. This week’s post is about what skills the next generation of government leaders need to have in order to be successful. Pat includes the following traits that every government leader should possess.

  • Skilled Collaborators
  • Risk Taking
  • Accepts Failure

Risk taking is one trait that many of us may struggle with because it’s, well, risky. Fiorenza says, “Future leaders will be successful if they are not afraid to try something new, break the mold and test out new ideas.”  If we as leaders never think outside the box, we’ll just continue to do the same things and get the same results.

Check out this video clip featuring Dr. Drea Zigarmi, Founder and Researcher at The Ken Blanchard Companies. Drea states that you have two choices to functionality. You can be comfortably dysfunctional or uncomfortably functional. Which choice are you making when it comes to how you lead yourself or your direct reports?

Want to hear more from Dr. Zigarmi? Register for his upcoming webinar, Beyond Engagement: Key Strategies for Government Leaders on Wednesday, June 6th at 12:00pm EST. Join Drea as he discusses how Employee Work Passion creates a positive emotional state of mind, which results in desired attitudes and behavior including a willingness to apply discretionary effort, long-term commitment to the agency, peak performance, and job satisfaction.

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