Creating Positive Work Environments

This week marks the 27th year of celebrating Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW). Although we should recognize our public service officials everyday of the year, this week gives everyone the opportunity to honor and celebrate those that give of themselves on our behalf. The goals of PSRW include educating citizens of the work going on within the government, enriching the perception and morale of all public servants, and encouraging the next generation of government employees. Celebrations and other appreciation ideas include employee recognition activities, community and education outreach, private sector partnerships, media events, and other online resources.

The idea of a recognition week is not a new one. There are numerous programs that recognize individuals both on and off the job. Incentives like Employee of the Month, top producer awards, and sales incentive trips provide employees with a sense of motivation knowing that the work they do and efforts they make are appreciated by the organization. Culture is also a key factor in providing an empowering environment for people. Organizational culture makes up the values, attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and practices of the company.

Chris Edmonds and Lisa Zigarmi, authors of #Positivity at Work, understand the importance of a positive work environment. In their book, they share how positive workplaces drive employee work passion, which drives customer devotion, which drives organizational success and vitality. If organizations focus mainly on profit, they miss the opportunity to provide employees with the means to achieve well-being. Enabling positivity, incentives, and empowerment is not simple. Healthy work cultures happen by design, not default. Each member of the organization is responsible for creating a positive environment. After all, we spend more time weekly with co-workers than with our family and friends. Positive workplaces enable life-long service, joy, and success.

How are you influencing the positive environment in your workplace?

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