Leadership in Las Vegas

Another official at the General Service Administration (GSA) was named in the scandal that has shocked the agency. Earlier this month, it was announced that several top officials at the GSA were accused of lavish spending at a Las Vegas training conference in 2010. Martha Johnson was one of the initial employees to resign from the agency. Before submitting her resignation, Johnson fired Public Buildings Service Commissioner, Robert Peck and senior adviser, Stephen Leeds. Since then, several other officials have been named in the scandal and are under investigation. To add insult to injury, several videos are now surfacing bragging and poking fun at the excessive spending the agency is responsible for from 2010.

What went wrong with the leadership at the GSA? When Martha Johnson was brought on as the GSA administrator in 2010, did she intentionally set out to go astray in leading her staff? Did the other officials involved in this incident take the time to consider what type of leadership skills they were portraying in Las Vegas? Being a leader is a full-time job. There are no breaks. A leader’s actions not only influence the organization, they also influence the level of satisfaction of the individuals working at the organization. A new book written by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller entitled, Great Leaders Grow: Becoming a Leader for Life describes four factors that promote great leaders and encourages them to challenge and stretch themselves both on and off the job. These four factors are reflected in the GROW acronym:

                Gain Knowledge

                Reach Out to Others

                Open Your World

                Walk Toward Wisdom

 Want to learn more about the four keys to becoming a leader for life? Watch this webinar that will teach you the four strategies to reaching your highest potential.

Do you possess the skills to be a great leader? Take this personal assessment, based on the GROW model to find out.

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