Performance Management…Is There Room for Improvement?

When President Obama announced the federal pay freeze late last year, I am sure a lot of private sector employees felt the pain of the federal workers that will be affected by this decision.  Pay cuts and salary freezes have been quite common with the declining economy and many people from both the public and private sector have had to perform the same job for less money. 

All good performance starts with clear goals.

In my last blog, I wrote about ways to incentivize employees to keep them motivated and their morale high, without hurting the already cut budget.  I came across some great ways managers can accomplish this, but how are managers evaluating their direct reports’ performance and providing feedback, good and bad, to direct employees towards success?

An article on assesses the government’s employee performance appraisal process and where there is potential room for improvement.  Are leaders working with their staff to create goals and ways to accomplish those goals?  Are they defining how each individual can contribute to the goals of the organization they work for?  Authors and leadership specialists, Ken Blanchard and Garry Ridge, wrote Helping People WIN at WORK with a philosophy called, “Don’t mark my paper, help me get an A” in mind.  The basis of this philosophy is to tell your employees how to accomplish their goals to ensure that they achieve what they set out to do.

The book outlines three aspects of an effective performance review:

Planning – The process starts with both the leader and the direct report agreeing on essential functions that describe the responsibilities of the employee within their job position.

Execution – When everyone is clear on the observable and measureable goals, leaders need to help their team reach their goals by coaching them on a daily basis.   

Review and Learning – It is important to take the time to pause, review progress, and look for learnings – whether mistakes have been made or not.  You don’t want to save up feedback until someone fails.

How do you think the government can improve the employee appraisal process?

Click here to watch a webinar on how to develop an employee performance development process that will create an engaging work environment.

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