Who are the Net Generation Leaders?

We’ve all read about the “Next Generation” and issues the government will soon be facing with so many Boomers retiring.  However, are you familiar with the “Net Generation?”  This term is applied to those who have never known a time without the internet.  These young workers fall into a group that have helped parents with their computers, are social network gurus, and are over 80 million strong.  The Chief Information Officers Council issued a report describing the future of Information Technology in the government and the impending demand to recruit talent from the Net Generation.

The agencies hoping to recruit from this talent pool must keep in mind the balances that Net-Gener’s are looking for in the workplace.  According to Don Tapscott author of The 8 N-Gen Norms: Characteristics of a Generation, there are eight patterns of behavior associated with this generation.  The eight norms are:

  • Freedom
  • Customization
  • Scrutinizers
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Entertainment
  • Speed
  • Innovation

In addition to recruiting from this generation, agencies must also place important focus on on-boarding, training, and retention of the Net-Gener’s they hire.  More than likely, it will be the Baby Boomers that will be training these new hires and handing down years of knowledge and expertise.  Bringing people together from a wide variety of different backgrounds creates tremendous opportunities but also some challenges. Agencies can benefit from the new perspectives and possibilities that diversity brings if they are able to unite people with a common set of values and goals. If not, the result is misalignment and disorganized inefficiencies as people go off in different direction-based on their own individual backgrounds.

Read more about these critical leadership skills that can help retain the talent that agencies are searching for.

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