Creating Passionate Employees

Improving performance and productivity is a key issue for all agencies. But how do you do it? Where do you start? How do you motivate employees to perform at a higher level? How do you keep—or develop—employees who are more passionate and productive at work?

In research conducted by The Ken Blanchard Companies, Employee Passion: The New Rules of Engagement, they identified eight key factors influencing Employee Passion.

Meaningful work—Employees perceive the organization’s larger purpose through products or services produced, consider their work to be worthwhile, and are proud of their individual actions and contributions that help the organization serve its customer.
Collaboration—Employees perceive an organizational environment and culture that enhances collaboration, cooperation, and encouragement between all organizational members.
Fairness—Employees perceive an environment where pay, benefits, resources and workload are fair and balanced and equitable, people treat each other with respect, and leaders act in an ethical manner.
Autonomy—Employees perceive an environment where people have the tools, training, support, and authority to make decisions.
Recognition—Employees perceive an environment where they are praised, recognized, and appreciated by colleagues and their leader for their accomplishments, where they receive monetary compensation for those accomplishments, and where they are contributing to positive relationships with others.
Growth—Employees perceive an environment where people have opportunities to learn, grow professionally, and develop skills that lead to advancement and career growth.
Connectedness with leader—Employees perceive an environment where they trust their leader and where the leader makes an effort to form an interpersonal connection with them.
Connectedness with Colleagues—Employees perceive an environment where they trust their colleagues and where their colleagues make an effort to form an interpersonal connection with them.

This research concluded that Employee Passion is a positive emotional state of mind, which drives desired attitudes and behavior including a willingness to apply discretionary effort, long-term commitment to the organization, peak performance, and job satisfaction.

Blanchard believes organizations must provide meaningful work, autonomy, and opportunities for growth, encourage collaboration and recognition, and address the concept of fairness in order to maximize Employee Passion. When Employee Passion is maximized, it leads to increased organizational performance.

To read more about Employee Passion, you can access the entire research paper here. Also, on June 10 in Washington, DC, Scott Blanchard, Executive Vice President, Client Solutions at The Ken Blanchard Companies will discuss these eight factors influencing employee passion in a half-day briefing entitled Infusing Employee Passion into the Government Workplace.

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