Building Trust Between Employees and Management

A recent article in The Public Manager discusses the issue of employee-management relations in the federal workplace. They talk about how building trust between these two groups can lead to greater workplace flexibility and increased performance.

On May 20, The Ken Blanchard Companies conducted a webinar entitiled, Trust: The Critical Link to a High Energy Workplace. During this webinar, Blanchard conducted a poll and asked the audience how many of them had left a previous job because of trust issues. Surprisingly, 59% of the people said they had!

Trust expert Cindy Olmstead recommends thinking about four core elements represented in the ABCD Trust Model™ that people can use to evaluate whether someone is trustworthy or not. How would the people in your agency rate their leaders in these four areas?

Able—demonstrates competence, expertise, experience, and capability in getting the desired results accomplished
Believable—walks the talk of a core set of values, demonstrates honesty, and uses fair, equitable practices
Connected—interacts with staff, communicates and shares relevant information, provides praise, and gives recognition
Dependable—is accountable, takes responsibility for own actions, and consistently follows up

Once employees and management assume the best of each other, it creates a more trusting atmosphere and ultimately greater performance and satisfaction at work.

Follow this link to learn more about Trust: The Critical Link to a High Energy Workforce.

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