Changing Priorities in Government Agencies

By Ruth Anne Randolph

When President Obama’s appointees head up government agencies, they shape the priorities, but it remains the task of leaders and frontline employees from GS-15 to GS-3 to actually do the work. Adapting to change becomes the challenge for civil servants from senior to front level. Only then can leaders lead others through changes. How can leaders at all levels address their own needs to understand changes and deal with their personal concerns?

Pat Zigarmi and Judd Hoekstra developed a program to help employees ‘influence change’ by understanding it and addressing six predictable stages people go through in whole heartedly embracing change. Leading Up During Change is designed for the frontline, who is impacted by change, but not the ones at the top and not the ones feeling much control over the waves of change.

What have you experienced when your organization has been the receiver of change from the top or even from the outside? What worked? What would have worked?

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