Government Rountable Issues #3

At The Ken Blanchard Companies Government Roundtable in Washington DC, attendees were asked to participate in a table discussion on an issue of importance. Below is the third set of consolidated notes from each table discussion.

Issue 3—Managing Change

What are the top 3 to 5 ways that your table team identified Managing Change (planned or unplanned) impacts productivity and/or morale, in a negative or positive way?

• Positive attitude—understanding of how each person can contribute towards the change–empower people to participate (once in a lifetime opportunity to contribute to health care change)

• Slows production/action on tasks to understand new direction/mission (negative impact on employee engagement)
• Lower morale
• Decisions on change were made at the top, pushed out and people quit–change has yet to be implemented
• Change will flounder without a sense of urgency
• Creation of silos due to change, may negatively impact productivity/morale
• Staff spend non-productive energy gnashing their teeth around change without appropriate communication
• Can have a devastating impact on morale
• Churn disrupts productivity

What are the top 3 to 5 strategies and/or activities your table team identified that can be employed to Manage Change in order to minimize negative impacts or emphasize positive impacts of change?
• Ensure your communication plan includes specificity
• Be mindful of how much change you are asking for in a specific period of time
• Need to build relationships and engage stake holders to effect change
• Accept that there are many ways to effect change
• Need to be careful about timing–too fast doesn’t allow full engagement; too slow could delay implementation
• Transparent communication about nature of change
• Communicate greater goal + get buy-in
• Touch clients – get real sense of what situation is + how it changes
• Feedback loop about results of change

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