Government Roundtable Issue #2

At The Ken Blanchard Companies Government Roundtable in Washington DC, attendees were asked to participate in a table discussion on an issue of importance. Below is the second set of consolidated notes from each table discussion.

 Issue 2—Managing Performance

How can managing performance positively impact productivity and/or morale? How can the failure to  manage performance negatively impact productivity and/or morale?


  • Personal accomplishment / satisfaction / achievement
  • Mission achievement / results (outcomes)
  • More collaboration
  • Clarity of goal setting – “What does an ‘A’ look like”
  • Communication can enhance performance (constructive feedback is critical)
  • Inflated rating tasks don’t always mirror actual pd
  • Rating should be based in reality and “connect” on all levels
  • Focus on relevancy of performance plan – re-evaluate periodically to test the barometer of relevancy
  • Objectivity is key. Create a team culture of success. No ‘I’ in team, “we” not me


  • Lack of direction / roles understanding
  • Loss of staff
  • Harder to move people
  • Project delays
  • Lack of clarity
  • Leads to a lack of accountability between employer and management.
  • Stop equating Managing Performance with FEAR on the part of the employee.

What are the top 3 to 5 strategies and/or activities your table team identified that can be employed to ensure positive impact of managing performance?

  • Cross-functional teams
  • Regular meetings
  • Develop relationships/communication
  • Clearly define roles + expectations (more frequently than once/year)
  • Rewarding success / communicating success
  • Have objective conversation between leader/manager and staff person to determine what priorities should be.
  • Have elastic and relevant goals.
  • Know critical success factors and what ties them together.
  • Coach and train leadership as well as staff on issues that drive better performance.
  • Create a culture of “helping” everyone succeed. Find the ‘new normal’. Distinguish “goals” what stretches you and the tasks at hand.
  • Focus on clarity of mission.
  • Build relationships with employees.
  • Feedback shouldn’t be reserved for the negative.
  • Encourage ongoing communication with employees not just on performance issues.
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