Government Roundtable Issue #1

At The Ken Blanchard Companies Government Roundtable in Washington DC, attendees were asked to participate in a table discussion on an issue of importance. Below is the first set of consolidated notes from each table discussion.

Issue 1 – The impact silos have on an organization

Specifically, how do Silos impact productivity and/or morale, in a positive or negative way, in your organization?


  • Fields of learning can focus on specific areas of concern
  • Clear focus on customers. Service better.
  • Specialization. Compartmentalize information. Protect information. Only expose one department to threat/problem.
  • Strong group identity. Engaged with group area. Loyalty


  • Silos can be self-serving
  • They tend to miss big picture
  • They don’t facilitate knowledge sharing
  • Competing interests doesn’t help organizations reach objectives
  • Lack of information sharing or misinformation. Leaders need to communicate better with other groups.
  • There can be duplication of efforts
  • Creates fear in an organization. Focused on self. Blinders on. Lose perspective.
  • Limits creativity.

Identify strategies or activities that can be employed that minimize the negative impacts of silos.

  • Establish culture where compelling vision exists – Everyone, in every department, is clear about who we are (our purpose), where we’re going (our picture of the future) and what will guide our journey (our values) – compelling vision supersedes individual silos. The goals for each silos takes on more meaning.
  • Recognize uniqueness of each silo and listen to their concerns and issues.
  • Establish goals that go across silos.
  • Technology + Innovation
  • Department heads need to communicate and build relationships. What are our commonalities? Build on that.
  • Focus on the vision/mission.
  • Identify pros and cons of change. What are the consequences? Bring it to a personal level. Humanize the process.
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