Recap of the June Government Roundtable

Hi Everyone, this is Ken Blanchard, and I just wanted to give a quick “Thank You” to those who attended our Government Roundtable in Washington DC. I hope you enjoyed networking with your peers and hearing from Betsy Myers, Jim Atwood, and Scott Blanchard. I know that I really had a great time!

As a follow-up to the Roundtable, I wanted to give you two quick updates:

1) Over the next few days, we will be posting the Rountable Discussion Notes from the event. During the discussions in Washington DC, you participated in one of four topics: Breaking Silos, Managing Change, Managing Performance, and Employee Engagement. The notes will be posted here on HowGovLeads, and we would like to invite you attendees (as well as those of you who couldn’t make it) to read and comment on them.  What did you agree or disagree with? What other points can you think of? Where can these discussions go next?  Let us know what you think!

2) On July 7, 2009, we will be hosting a complimentary Government-focused Webinar, Leading People During Times of Change. Featuring Dr. Patricia Zigarmi, co-author of our Leading People Through Change program, this session will show you how to build a fast and flexible organization. You’ll learn what leaders can do to reduce resistance and build momentum for moving ahead. It is free, and we would like to invite everyone in the public sector to attend! To register, click here.

On behalf of everyone at The Ken Blanchard Companies, thank you again for attending. We’re really interested in reading your thoughts and opinions, so don’t forget to check back here often for our updates, and don’t forget to post some of your own!


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