Staying Focused & Productive During Uncertain Times

Welcome to HowGovLeads, Blanchard’s new blog focused entirely on public sector leadership. We’re hitting the ground running with this first thread, because we want to hear from you!

As you know, Blanchard is holding a Government Roundtable on June 4th in Washington, DC. This roundtable will include keynote presentations from Ken Blanchard and Betsy Myers, as well as an interactive session, hosted by me, where you’ll have a chance to present the challenges faced by your organization.  You will be able to collaborate and discuss these issues with your peers, while identifying solutions to the organizational challenges faced by all in attendance.

We would like to know the issues that you are facing currently at your work.  Please view the poll below, and select all the issues that are relevant to your organization and are something you would like covered in our roundtable.  There is also an “other” category included, just enter your issue in this space if we haven’t listed it already.  In addition, leave a comment if you would like to start the conversation about this event, or anything else that you would like to discuss in this blog.  See you in Washington, and don’t forget to bookmark this site. We will be discussing new issues here every week!

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